Paul appears on 'That's Manchester' TV show...

...and talks about the music scene, his style, and performs a new track 'Caught You Out'



Paul's Band 'The Retrosettes' star in film 'Youth'

Last year Paul and the rest of The Retrosettes band appeared in a film in Switzerland starring Michael Caine, Harvey Keitel and many other big names. They recorded a version of Candi Staton's 'You Got The Love' and it has ended up being the title track for the film! It can be heard on the official trailer which has had over 5 million views...pretty good exposure!



Kendal Calling 2015...

I'm going to be playing at Kendal Calling on the Riot Jazz stage this August, on the Saturday. Going to be alongside fellow Manchester solo performer Gideon Conn which makes me very happy. Hope to see you there!


Slot at Kendal Calling...

I'm in discussions with the Riot Jazz stage to get a slot at this year's Kendal Calling Festival in the Lake District. This is a festival I'm a big fan of so I'm so pleased to be asked to play. More details to follow...


New Live Music night in The Blue Pig, hosted and organised by me!

I'll now be featuring and organising a live music night in the Northern Quarter every 2nd Thursday of the month at a great little venue called The Blue Pig. Each month will see 2 - 3 acts playing, there will be an eclectic mix of music on offer. Here are the posters for the first 3 months:


The Retrosettes band set to go into the studio

The main band I'm involved in have been playing together for the last 5 years or so. We've mostly played at functions and festivals etc but just recently we've moved into playing our own material at venues. We played at Mixup in Levenshulme in February and had a great reception to our aunthentic 60s style.

In May the band will feature in a film which has many hollywood stars starring, this will be the catalyst for the release of our first EP in April. I'll put more information on here soon, but for now, here's a video of the band in our soundcheck in February:



All set to play at local 'Underground Project' venue

Tonight I'll be playing at The Lawn Club in Spinningfields for a great organisation called The Underground Project. These guys put on a lot of shows around Manchester and they always seem to be well attended due to the reputation and amount of work they put into their promotion. The Lawn club is a pretty chic bar next the the Christmas Ice Rink and so this proves to be a great night to showcase by new material. Photos and a report to follow.


'If You're Gonna Go' played on BBC Radio Manchester...

On Sat 12th October I had my first radio play for my title track from the EP. Natalie-Eve Williams picked up my tracks from the BBC introducing website only a week after I put it on there. She seemed to love the stuff immediately and was really helpful with getting me started. Ironically, I was wondering if I could get on the show so I sent her a direct message on twitter, only to get a response that she was on air and about to play my track! I quickly logged on to the BBC website to hear the end of the track and their feedback. Such a proud moment!!

Below is a soundcloud MP3 of the feedback they gave and the track on BBC Radio Manchester's new music show:


EP Launch to happen in West Didsbury....

I've decided to release my new EP 'If You're Gonna Go' at The Violet Hour on Burton Road in West Didsbury on 29th October 2014. Dan Pollard at the venue has been a great supporter of me and my music since I've been in Manchester, and it's a great little venue so I'm really happy to be doing it there. Photos and videos from that event will be up here soon. See Facebook event here


Manchester Band 'Gogo Penguin' appear on Jools Holland....

Sep 23rd 2014: Really proud moment tonight as good friends of mine appear on Jools Holland in Electronica/Jazz trio 'Gogo Penguin'. I've played in a band with Bassist Nick and Drummer Rob for a number of years and I've been fascinated to see how their success has grown throughout that time. Really hard working and talented musicians, and thoroughly deserve the success they are now getting.


First EP recorded in Airtight Studios in Manchester..

Sep 16th 2014: A great month for me. Just spent 4 days in Airtight Studios in Chorlton (Manchester) recording my first EP entitled 'If You're Gonna Go'. Engineer was the very efficient and talented Seadna Mcphail and I also had Nigel Stonier with me, renowned producer. The 3 of us worked hard to get a sound from the 4 tracks that showed my roots as a solo 'looping' artist without compromising the song itself. I'm really happy with the results and they will be available to purchase on here pretty soon.

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